The Trichotomous Training

Man is trichotomous – made up of spirit, soul and body and ministry is designed as a vehicle to serve the whole man through the six-fold ministry. The Trichotomous Training is a template to empower and equip Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists and Leaders for dynamic and intelligent ministry.

Leadership Library

  • Definition of a Leader

  • How to Recruit Leaders

  • Leadership Appointments

  • Burn Out But Not Get Out – (Prevention Principals)

  • The Value of Having Good, Trained Ministry Leaders

  • The Importance of Developing a Mission Statement

  • Leadership Development Principles

  • The Nine Spiritual Gifts

  • Leadership Training Bench Strength

  • Principles on Leadership Accountability

  • Vision Casting

Marketing Matrix

  • Definition of Marketing

  • Benefits of Marketing

  • Church Growth

  • Social Media

  • Recruiting Principles

  • Retaining Principles

  • Rewarding Principles

Financial Freedom

  • The Principles of Tithing

  • The Principles of Offering

  • Capital Campaign Drives

  • Online Giving

  • Investments/Wealth Building

  • Financial Retirement

Pastor’s Passport

  • Balancing Home and Ministry

  • Yearly Vacations

  • Teach the Expectation

  • Health

  • Homiletics/Hermeneutics​

  • ​Integrity
    Time for Congregational Fellowship

​​​Vital Vehicles (13)

  • Prayer Ministry

  • Giving Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • Music/Arts Ministry

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Outreach Ministry

  • First Touch Ministry

  • Christian Education Ministry

  • Pastor’s Protégé Training Ministry

  • Administration Ministry

  • Trained Counselors

  • Pastoral Care Ministry

Technology Tips

  • Social Media

  • Website Development/Maintenance

  • Computer Literacy

Social Services Construct

  • Establishing a Church/Ministry

  • Establishing a 501(c)(3)

  • Grant Writing

  • Community Development Programs

  • Human Services

  • Property Acquisition

  • Funding/Loan Acquisition

  • Construction/Strategic Planning


  • Diversity of Revenue Stream

  • Fiscal Accountability

  • Insurance

  • Contracts

  • Bylaws/Amendments

  • Legal Representation

  • Establishing Trusts/Legacies

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